Thursday, October 20, 2011

New Web site Created

 I am so excited, Last night I was up til midnight creating a website to move my blog and sermons to. I can also put Connecting with kids there as well. I believe this was  something God was nudging me to do so without anymore procrastination I did it! its called Christ's Living Room Ministries-  Gods  word spoken here. I hope you  stroll over and check it out once its  set up and running  I will keep you updated when its ready.  I will be working more on it today. Right now the home page is all that's there. But not for long.

 Hope your day is a good one.


  1. Are you still going to use this site?

  2. I had thought about it for now yes. I created that one because I wanted all my blog pages on one page so viewers could click on them easier instead of having to close out of one blog and into another- plus its easier for me. lol.

  3. I actually like having seperate ones. But i guess its just me

  4. I do to that way I can focus on one thing at a time, but lately I have forgotten the others. But have no fear this one isn't going any where I would rather have three sources where God's Word is shared them just one, after speaking with others whose time is short and they only have time to visit one, I would rather keep three and reach more then just one and lose readers. God's Word wont be limited/ reduced.

    The web site will just have more if you ever want to visit it's there.