Monday, October 17, 2011

Good Monday Morning

 Good morning  all, hope your weekend was a good one, mine was nice and relaxing,  enjoyed the weekend watching football with hubby. I'm so glad I was brought up with  cousins  who taught me  to enjoy those things. football auto racing  demolishion  derbies. All the guy stuff that my hubby enjoys.  But then I am a tom boy at heart as well as a Jesus Girl in my soul.

Well this girl has been wondering if I had  heard God wrong thinking he wanted me to be a  Sunday school teacher rather then a counselor to those who have been abused. Although I could still counsel children who have been abused as I lead them to Jesus. After all being a child and feeling alone is not easy as I remember.  Wishing there had been an adult who understood. I KNOW  God's timing and teachings are perfect  so I will continue to ask him daily what His plans for me are.  After all God is calling the shots in my life. and I hope I am hearing him right. There a a lot of things I can accomplish and there are a lot of roads my path as a Youth Minister can take me. 

Continue to praise Him and look to the Father today.


  1. Just keep seeking God's direction and listening to His voice. He will guide you and you seek to do His will. Many blessings!

  2. Your attitude is refreshing. God will bless your efforts and honor your obedience.

  3. Aw... thank you for stopping by and reminding me there are still people who wonder about me when I haven't blogged in awhile! :)

    In reading your post... God hears your heart and knows the desires... He placed them there after all. :) He will lead and guide your steps... just keep listening for His voice and being obedient... even when it doesn't make sense. One thing I have learned from the journey He has me on... He always knows & He always has a plan.

    Blessings to you dear friend!