Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Jesus Died For Me Pt 1

I intended to  just write one or two posts on this but it has expanded to a small series of  blogs, today I am posting one and two hoping to post  another tomorrow So without  farther ado- here's part 1

1 Peter 2 :24 His wounds became your healing. (MSG)

The AMP, NIV and NLT say : By His wounds you have been healed.

This was the last thing I read last night before I went to sleep to rest for the day and from the day. As I pondered that very awesome passage I was stopped in my tracks. Who do I know in my life that loved me that much to take on every single thing I ever did so that I can continue to live? Who in my life would take every hit, every stab, every hurt. every punishment, I was supposed to receive so that I would live.

There is no one who can even come close- except Jesus. Jesus took every hit every word every abuse so we can get back on the right side of God our creator. Every time I see the reenactment of Christ's Crucifixion, I break down and cry. To see a man that beaten and bloodied walking those final steps to die for me – there are no words really. Except Thank you Jesus . Thank you.

Let's pray

Father thank you for sending your son Jesus to take on my punishment. Thank you Father for loving me so very much for all you have given me. I am at awe this morning as the words By his wounds I am healed. Forgive me for the sins I made both known and not know. Help me become the child you want me to be so that I can praise your mighty name for as long as I am here. Guide me and show me where you want me to go and I will go. My life may be hard but you are with me For with you I am not alone you are by my side.

Thank you Father Thank you.


( author note tomorrow there will be a part two for this.) But all I could do is thank Jesus today and remind myself there is no one in my life who has loved me or will ever love me as much as Jesus. )

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  1. It is hard to comprehend that someone else's pain is what gave me life. It is a fact we need to remind ourselves of every day. My whining seems pretty lame in light of this truth. Thanks for your words.