Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Greatest Gift I Ever Got

Merry Christmas everyone I pray you all have a safe and wonderful day celebrating the birth of our Savior the Lord Jesus Christ.

Today as I sit here thinking about the Christmas gifts from seasons past I began to wonder about the greatest gift I had ever received and then I saw it- MY BIBLE. As far as bibles go there's nothing "special" about it other then being the Word of My God, I mean but there's more to my story.

Each time I look at it a smile comes to my face because I remember exactly how I came to get it. I asked for it. Well I asked for a bible any way. One day at work, when I was working, one of the young men whom I worked with and I were talking and I mentioned I wish I had a bible. I currently did not have one because of all the moving I had done over time- my bible was one of the things that did not make the trip- I don't know why all I knew was I was missing God's Word in my life. Sure I had it on line but there are days a girl just wants to curl up with a good book and what better book then the good book. The bible.

He said he would see what he could do or find and let me know. Well week had pasted and I had forgotten the conversation he and I had had until one day. We had been working as usual and suddenly he snapped his fingers and went to retrieve his back pack.
'I have something for you' he said as he reappeared with something in his hand. My eyes lit up the instant I saw it- a bible. It was a red leather bound book with the wording "life in the word" on the cover.

I was speechless and that's not often the case. As I looked at the book I nearly jumped for joy.Wait I did jump from my chair and taking the book from him and hugged it, I felt like a little girl who
just got the dolly she had wanted and asked for. But this was to me better then a dolly. This was God's Word just for me.
As I began looking thru my treasure I discovered something cool. It was signed by Joyce Meyer. On the inside front cover was the message-
"Thank you for helping us reach more people."

Now if you know me,1st I am a Joyce Meyer fan and/or follower and 2nd if you read my message on 1 Cor 9 that message on the inside of my bible became personal. It was written to me because that's what I am doing with Living Room Ministries. Of course I often use other versions besides this one which is the amplified version But this is the version I return to.

To me this was one of the greatest gifts I have ever received- and that was the Word of God.

Thank you for stopping by And Merry Christmas.

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