Monday, January 16, 2012

Made to Crave - Day one

Made to Crave week one day 1 notes and thoughts

Our word on the week is Empowered! AS Melissa says “I have the powaaah !” And I do. Through God who strengthens me.

I have the power to not eat that fastening snack instead of a piece of fruit.

I have the power to drink water instead of a sugary drink.( must work on that)

I have the power to exercise instead of reach for food when I am not hungry

I have the power to turn to my heavenly father to comfort and fill me when I am lonely and empty.

On page 15 – Jesus tells us that he “wants us to give up that one thing that we crave more then him”
After much thought of honest reflection I had to admit I have 4 things to list.
Mine are: 1) sleep. 2) t.v,3)  being lazy and 4) procrastination. And these are in no particular order,because they seem yo save the same value.

Although procrastination and being lazy are right up there. We don't watch t.v during the day which gives me time to study however there are things I tend to do instead of that putting off tomorrow what I should do today.

The next question then that I must ask myself is this- Am I willing to give those things up and change to follow Jesus?

That question or test came up today when my husband found something on t.v to watch that didn't interest me in the least. So instead of throwing a fit – which I sometimes do when there's something on I want to see-I  will choose to take my laptop with my studies on it and go to my bedroom and spend time with God. My hubby will be watching t.v alone tonight.

It really doesn't have to start with something big or dramatic. The smallest things is where it all starts.

On page 16 it says “If I want to conquer my craving I must redirect them to God. So the question to myself is “Do I want to conquer my cravings and get rid of them?” The answer is yes.

The one thing I must remember is :
“We crave what we eat” (page19)

1 Corinthians 10 23 says “ Everything is permissible but not everything is beneficial” This is true for me because although something is good, as for its benefit to me it may be bad because of what's in it. I'm gluten intolerant and when I eat it I get sick. So foods with gluten are not beneficial to me.

The statement that got me thinking was the question Lysa asks on page 24 “Are cravings a curse or blessing?” Then she says It depends on your craving. My thoughts - If I'm craving something that will make me sick then I need to pray for strength and will power not to eat of it.

So even tho today is only day one I asked myself how I was doing good so far. 

Have I made any excuses yet, not yet.

Have I eaten anything I shouldn't no -in fact I had breakfast instead of not having anything which would make me snack on things I shouldn't later.

Did I give up one or all of the above mentioned cravings today to get closer to God- if so what and when. - Yes, I will give up T.V this evening while hubby watches something.

The verse I was led to during my reading  was 2 peter 19b
"For a man is a slave to what ever controls him.”

Question to ponder-
Am I a slave to other things besides God?If so what?

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