Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Up coming Bible studies

April will be a busy month for me as I embark on two new bible studies. As well as going to class's I am already in which are being taught by my Pastor. They  will be ending in May or June, Just as the new ones are starting. Here is the first one:

  Wendy Blight 
    She will be doing her study in her book "Hidden Joy in a dark corner " Where she takes us thru the trauma of being Assaulted and the aftermath which led her to a closer walk with God. And she shares her journey with us. This one starts on April 9th Hope you join us.

The second is
 Renee Swope — Leading Women to Live Confidently in Christ

 And right now she has a free download to her book "A Confident heart". If you don't have a Kindle  you can get a free app for your computer - its awesome I have one.
Her study starts April 23rd.

now besides these two studies I am  doing a psalm study with Wendy Pope, which you can find here Wendy Pope

Then  the ones my Pastor teaches are Significance to Number in the bible- Job, and 1 Cor. As well as a case for faith.

Then this week I will be going and  signing up for classes at campus to get a psy degree.Which is a requirement to be a Sunday school teacher at church.

 Plus I 'm finishing an  online study of early history of the bible - taking my final this week for that.  And seeing what the next lesson is. I like on line- if you cant sleep you can study.  And you don't have to worry about missing a day if the weather is bad.

Well this is what my future holds  hows everyone else doing?


  1. In the WBS I lead we are doing Renee Swope's book A Confident Heart. We are loving it!

  2. I agree. I am getting so much out of that study then I can express. Shhhh I'm getting more from that one then Hidden joy right now. But Confident heart questions are leading to subject matter that Hidden Joy covers. The chapter on forgiveness didn't click til I began reading ch 2 of confident heart. They are both working for me just in a different order then I expected.