Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Living Room Ministry Romans 12:2

 Good Morning and welcome to the first Living Room Ministry of the New year. What a beautiful morning, I spent my morning like I do each morning – with coffee and email. But this morning something new was added, reading a chapter of my bible. Although I do read it, it just usually isn’t in the morning. It’s usually in the afternoon or late evening. But this morning I sunk my teeth into John 1. For a while I had / have been trying to find my faith again. After school started and got busy I kind left out reading my bible before heading to class. And looking back now- it showed. I was worried about grades, my day, my eating habits everything. But being in the Word helped to keep me grounded when I did read it.
AS I look back it reminds me of the scripture,  in Romans 12:2 “do not be transformed of this world…” And here I was doing just that. Letting the world take hold and following its lead instead of my fathers and Jesus, who made everything were not his ways better and easier. “Matt 11 28-29 Come to me all who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest.  Take my yoke for it is light…”   That was me, I was weary trying to do things on my own.  Where had I gone of the path leading to Jesus and gone my own way? But with the starting of the year, and my break from school I took some time off from everything and “rested. Took a step back and prayed to God for help in restoration. Although those weren’t my words as I cried out but that was my hope. That God would show me the way back to Him and His path. And He did!!!! I am now again reading my bible and letting him lead the way again.( although I do find myself slipping, but I  am holding on tight to His hand and His Word).
Let’s pray
Father God, Thank you for restoring me back to seeing You are the only way to go and in you is the only way to be. Forgive me forfalling away and going astray Thank you for being faithful and loving as you gently guide me back to where you want me to be,


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