Sunday, March 17, 2013

Warning: God's Direction may change in mid step

Hi there peeps! Thanks to all those who wished me happy anniversary, time really does fly by doesn't it? When I started here I think I weighed 220? My ticker says I've lost 27 lbs. That is the most I have ever lost and kept off ever. In 2002 or so I was 155. I don't know if I will ever get back to that number, but the door is still open to that weight. But what I have learned since I've been on sparkpeople and lost 27 lbs is how anything is possible if you work hard and believe. I have met some awesome people here and they have been my treasures in times when I needed support.

But what I've learned since I've started was being healthy is not just about dropping weight - it's an attitude. An attitude that says when I ( or you) wake up every morning I AM WORTH IT!!!! and nothing is going to stand in my way! It's an attitude that says no matter how hard today is its one step closer to my goal. It's an attitude that believes all things are possible because God is in charge and with Him and through Him nothing is impossible! It's a knowledge that the writer of my life has already written the ending and all I must do is put my faith in Him that has all things in his mighty hand! He is always there even when I have strayed and NOTHING NOTHING will separate me from the love of my father in heaven.

God may be taking me on a journey only he sees the ending and outcome for, only He knows ...only He knows.

Father God I have been traveling down a path I do not understand or see a reason for. I can only know you are the one who knows all things as well as what's truly in my heart, Father Show me where you want me to go and who you want me to help. Show me what I must learn and forgive me of my sins and shortcomings. Father surround me with your love and protection as I turn again to you and begin again.

Thank you Father, amen.

(p.s, this started out to be something so different, I LOVE how God appears and takes me in directions I have never thought I could or should go)

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